Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cupcake Wednesday!

This week I heard the news that I wanted to hear for a month!
If it had to be made into a formula, then it would appear as follows:
Which translates loosely into:
Barts+Accepted= You in London!
Anywho, the above was all a tangent to follow-up with the real reason for this blog, which is my photo of these cupcakes!
They are from a local shop in Toronto, named the Cupcakery, and these little cuties are called Principessa (vanilla cake with pink vanilla frosting). My mom purchased these as a congratulatory treat and paid 13.50 for half a dozen. They are worth every penny and I think they are amoung the best cupcakes in T.O.!
And they look cute on my new set of blue plates :]

You can check out the Cupcakery on their website at:

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